Superyest was originally created by our founding member Thomas, to help pass on his experience and knowledge to people around him whilst working as a Yacht Engineer. Promoting safety, whilst helping to expand knowledge and raise awareness levels of the people around him, is still our core mission for the people around us today.

The Team

About Thomas,

Creator and Director Superyest


Joining the British Royal Navy (RN) just before he turned 19, Thomas volunteed for war torn Afghanistan as his first posting recently fresh out of Engineering training. And for the next 8 years that followed, a fast paced training/work schedule and a sense of living life on the edge seemed to come hand in hand with living life on a war ship and in the military. But that environment and those days of training paid dividends when you have to deal with a real life situations, unlucky enough Thomas has had to deal with a few major shipborne incidents during his Miltary career. So much so that the last posting of his active military service put all his experience’s together for good use. He was put into an instructors role of teaching Firefighting and Damage Control at the fire school of where his and every other recruit starts their basic military training, HMS Raleigh. A Role ranging from teaching basic training to 7 year old sea cadets, high school students, new recruits entering service into the RN all the way up to teaching advance training to highly ranked officials and senior management level audience. Passing on his knowledge is something he relished before retiring from service.


Leaving a distinguished Military career behind and exiting the gate of HMS Raleigh for the last time, Thomas flew the very next day to Nice, where he would carry on his Engineering profession on a Superyacht. Quickly becoming a Yachtie! and meeting some amazing people along the way, Thomas noticed that levels of knowledge and awareness in safety weren’t always as high as they could have been in some cases, for various reasons. So he wanted to help his community……..